My 60-Day LIMU Experience

My 60-Day LIMU Experience:

First of all, I reserved type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and low thyroid function in my mid-late twenties (almost 10 years ago) using simple, yet highly-effective nutritional and lifestyle strategies (no diets, products, etc), which launched me into a new career at 30 as a certified health coach. For years, I continued to see these same lifestyle changes work equally as well for clients.

That being said: “Products” making big claims don’t usually excite me as much as everyone else.

So here’s my honest opinion about LIMU and personal experience:

Do I think LIMU is good product and the research is sound? Yes.

Did I think I would notice much difference in my daily life? No.

Why? Because I eat healthier and make better lifestyle choices than probably almost 98% of the American population and feel supplementation is optional and should only be used as needed.

What surprised me?

(1) Weight Loss – I have loss 2-3 inches in my hips, stomach, and waist with NO effort. As a nursing, postpartum mom this is great. I wore my smallest, favorite jeans yesterday! I bought them in Fall 2006. Not bad, right?

(2) Reduced Cravings – I’m still nursing and any breastfeeding mom can tell you, after a feeding frenzy you feel ravenous. Usually the body craves sugar in this moment because it’s the easy macronutrient to convert into in energy. Well, all cravings have stopped but the nursing continues. So that’s interesting.

(3) Overall improvements in mood and body aches – Operating on a less than optimal sleeping schedule plus picking up and carrying around a 25+ pound baby all day eventually starts to take an emotional and physical toll on the body and mind.

(1) and (2) was instantly noticeable.

(3) However, I didn’t notice until this week when I stopped drinking 2 – 4oz of LIMU a day.

I always tell clients to do an Elimination Test when they’re not sure what is working or not working in their diet. So, I decided to do the same. I eliminated LIMU from my daily diet for 5 days. After 3 days, I noticed without the LIMU my mental and physical energy stores were down and my stress levels were high compared to the previous weeks while taking 2 daily doses of LIMU.

Conclusion: I’m ordering more LIMU today because it seems to be helping me at the moment. I also hope this is information is helpful for those who were curious what I thought about LIMU and feels my opinion holds some weight in the world of wellness. ;)

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