Raving Fans

Working with Wendy prior to starting our family was essential in solidifying our commitment to a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. She exudes passion, warmth and kindness and is a valuable source of support and knowledge. Wendy taught me that contrary to my own opinion – I actually can cook! I use her recipes and suggestions to this day. She introduced me to the Fertility Awareness Method which I used both as birth control and to get pregnant with success. I credit healthy lifestyle choices guided by Wendy to getting pregnant right away, feeling great during pregnancy and successfully breastfeeding; Wendy will forever be an inspiration and resource as we grow our family.

Katherine Dowdney aka Mommy
Santa Rosa, CA

“I had been hearing wonderful things about Wendy and how she was transforming not just the bodies but also the minds of coworkers of a friend of mine. Since I was trying to get pregnant, I figured this was the best time to start checking out natural options to improve mine and my husband’s chances of conceiving- we’d been trying unsuccessfully for many months (although cleared medically) and I was frustrated.

I immediately felt comfortable with Wendy. Her warmth and friendliness made our meetings feel more like I was seeing an old friend. Over the next few months, Wendy helped me tremendously with subtle changes to my diet and lifestyle. She recommended services and products that were customized to my needs and I felt truly supported in my journey.

A few months later when we did conceive, I had gained such a better understanding of my body and how to take care of it that I felt so comfortable being pregnant- finally! I had an awesome pregnancy and my little girl was born in March of 2011, only a year after I had first decided that I could conceive naturally- with the help of Wendy.”

Thank you for starting me on my journey to have the sweetest little girl in the world!

Melanie Yeager aka Mommy
Asheville, NC

Going into this program, my wife and I didn’t know what to expect. We knew that our eating habits were less than ideal, we knew that there was a lot we could learn about foods, and chemicals and such, but we didn’t expect our quality of life to change so dramatically. Starting on the first day when we learned about the health benefits of “leafy greens”, we were exposed to a variety of helpful information that allowed us to make the healthy changes we wanted all along, but didn’t know how to make.

Wendy quickly put me at ease telling me that she doesn’t subscribe to the typical strictly regimented “diet” plan. “I don’t want to eliminate anything from your diet, only replace” she told us in our first meeting. And truly lasting change can never stick if you are on a check list diet. Rather the information given us was presented in an easy to understand way, that caused us to weigh the benefits against the downfalls. She has helped us understand the difference between whole foods, and processed foods, educated us on the benefits of healthy fats, and shown us why it’s nourishing on several levels to sit down and eat a home cooked meal with your family.

The second component to this educational experience, the cooking classes, gave us a chance to meet some other people in pursuit of better quality of life, and get some great ideas for home cooking, the right way. For us, time was short and our recipe book was shorter. The classes gave us some great ways to make good quality meals, without hours of preparation. Plus the food is excellent.

The end result; better quality of life with a baby on the way. Energy levels are up, sugar addictions are down, and food is actually tasting better! And that’s only the start. Wendy’s health guidance isn’t limited to just the physical food you take into yourself, but your spiritual, relational, vocational diets too.

Wendy is a friendly and well educated professional, whose passion is to help people learn how to have a more healthy lifestyle. She is a good coach and friend to my wife and I, and this class has been invaluable to us and our life together.

Brian and Joanna Ferree aka Mommy & Daddy
Powells Point, NC

“Wendy truly laid the foundation for healthful living for my husband and I. It has been three years since Wendy first showed us the ins and outs of a holistic lifestyle but we have grown in our endeavors even since then and it has really become a part of us.

As a young married couple she guided us by showing how every aspect of your life requires much balance as well as some organic vegetables!

She taught us that we are our best advocates when it comes to our health. It is up to us to use what we put into our bodies as preventative medicine. She even helped me naturally address hormone imbalance. It cleared my skin, regulated my cycles and made me a happier person!

My husband and I now follow a path to health otherwise we would have followed the same path as the generations before us of extreme stress and degenerative disease. We eat clean, exercise plenty, and work and play in equal amounts.

As a Skincare Specialist I pay it forward to my clients every day. I educate them about “what you put in your body will reflect in your outside appearance… we must treat the skin as a whole… beauty is not just skin deep.”

Thank you Wendy for taking that naive 19 year-old under your wing and making an effort to change a life!”

Kim and Jon Hancock
Canton, NC

“For us, learning what to eat and why has been a lifestyle renovation. Lots of facts and myths have been clarified: Why should we eat red potatoes instead of white ones? How should I cook my foods, steaming or sautéing? Can I prevent free radicals from entering my system? What types of veggie greens can expunge the ones already running in my body?

Even our 10 year old foster son who is adamant that only ‘junk food’ tasted good, admitted to completely changing his view on food and health after participating in the experiential cooking classes offered in the Be Well program. He participated with the rest of the group in creating the meal on his own. Not only is it a night out with your loved ones (my husband joined me every time and for free!) while enjoying cooking lessons through a live step-by-step demonstration in a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment, but clients are able to participate actively. We are being taught the reason why they are the best types of cooking techniques, quality foods, nutritional values, inexpensive alimentation, useful terminology to keep in mind when purchasing food, and incredibly, how to work up creative, healthy snacks and entire meals that literally take no time at all. The group workshops offer the finishing touch to the individual sessions and cooking classes which explain and emphasize facts about health and food which are intertwined and, as a matter of fact, affect all areas of life. You’ll believe me once you go through this worthwhile life changing experience on your own. I can seriously and honestly say that I am not exaggerating.

Best of all, Wendy has introduced a wide range of food types and meal varieties all of which have specific meaning to them: from nutritional content to personal symbolism. These issues are discussed with the coach in a safe, confidential face-to-face context in order to address one’s particular problems and/or needs. The selected items that one purchases influence the nature of our being on all levels: physical, emotional and believe it or not, even behavioral. Thus the ascertained phrase: You are what you eat! Eat Well…Be Well!”

Maria Averza
Balsam, NC